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Thu 30 April 2009

You are my Sunshine

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It’s another great set of Saturday Scenes! I want a SatScene map, showing all the locations as we move through the timezones starting off in Australia and ending up in Hawaii. I don’t suppose anyone knows anyone knows anyone in Tonga who could add a photo? :D

Regardless of location and season, it seems to me that it was sunny for everyone who submitted a photograph last Saturday.

I think I’ll start posting that as another little-known benefit of taking part – SatSceners get more sun than the average person!

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

If you want sunshine too, you should make a point of following each of our talented submitters on twitter:

  1. Dramagirl
  2. pixelfreund
  3. Pewari
  4. PCurd
  5. capo42
  6. vaxanta
  7. redalexred
  8. akrabat
  9. wolfgang
  10. ingridf
  11. UKMelia
  12. ColinBrooks
  13. beaverst
  14. elibrody
  15. carocat
  16. tradingnothing
  17. ruhi
  18. LannaGirl
  19. akaSylvia
  20. illuminancy
  21. Saturday Scenes is a collection of photographs from around the world, sharing what people are doing on a Saturday. We’d love to see a scene from your Saturday.

    Simply take a photograph this Saturday and twitter the location to @SatScenes and I’ll add it to the set!

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