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Thu 13 September 2012

Winston House

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On the 8th of September in 1987, Minnie Winston stepped out of the bath to find her house was full of a dark red substance. The floor was “spurting blood like a sprinkler”, she said. Mr and Mrs Winston phoned the police, who came to the scene and reported “copious amounts of blood” splattered on the walls and floors all across the house. The State Crime Lab confirmed that the substance was human blood, type O. Both Mr and Mrs Winston have type A blood.

Source of Blood in Atlanta House Still a Mystery – New York Times

“We have no leads at this time,” sadi Police Lieut. Horace Walker. “We will continue a routine investigation and if we find that no crime was committed, we’re through with it. As we see it now, there has been no crime.”

“Someone could have done this as a hoax,” he said. “It concerns me that we don’t have any answers.”

A month later, Mr Winston publicly denied that there was ever any blood in his home, claiming first that it was red dye from a carpet and later that it was rusty pipes in the house. He stated he was tired of calls and visits from curiosity seekers. Meanwhile, the homicide detective investigating insisted that they were still on the case: “We have not stopped looking because we know houses don’t bleed.”

Meanwhile, on the 8th of September in 2012, the following curious but entirely comprehensible photographs were taken.

And these are the entirely not suspicious people who took them:

Why don’t you join in?

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