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Wed 21 April 2010

Wars are Scilly

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On the 17th of April 1985, one of the world’s longest wars came to an end. The Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly began as a result of a conflict involving the Dutch Navy in British waters.

Britain: Peace in Our Time – TIME

In 1651 the Dutch dispatched twelve warships to the islands, which are British territory situated 28 miles off England’s southwest coast. The islands were harboring pirates who had been menacing Dutch ships. The Dutch declared war on the islands, but before any shots were fired, the British promised to resolve the pirate problem. The Netherlands recalled its fleet, but both the Dutch and the Scillonians technically remained in a state of conflict.

It was not until 1985 that the issue came up again, when a historian contacted the Dutch Embassy to debunk the myth that they were at war with the Islands of Scilly. It was revealed that the declaration of war was never repealed and thus the war had continued, without a single shot fired, for 335 years.

The conflict finally came to an end on 17 April of that year when Dutch Ambassador Jonkheer Rein Huydecoper travelled to the islands to sign a peace treaty. The war was over.

And on 17 April 2010, people all over the world declared war on boredom with these wonderfully happy and active photographs:

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