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Wed 2 December 2009

Veintiocho de Noviembre

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On the 28th of November, 1959, a small coal mining town was established in Argentina by government personnel who were merging several settlements in the Río Turbio area, near the Chilean border. They called the town 28 de Noviembre. No, honestly, they did.

A taste of their tourist information on Patagonia Argentina, Viajar a Santa Cruz Patagonia, Turismo :: Localidades, which I ran through the online translation system Babel Fish:

But far from to demotivate, the present settlers have removed to shine the seasoned and visionary spirit of the first colonists and immigrants, and they drew up the objective to locate to the Carboniferous River basin in the tourist map of the province. By force of a serious and constant work, in just a short time they have achieved its objective. The results are in view of any visitor: the center of winter sports of Valdelén was first in South America in having tracks with artificial lighting and the summer activities so are varied and captivating that they attract all the people who approach the Austral Region. Who visits the zone will not be able to stop admiring itself and being surprised yet what River Turbio and 28 of November must to offer, beyond its mining past.

Yeah, so lessons learned: don’t allow government staff to name places and don’t use online translation services.

Meanwhile, exactly fifty years later on the 28th of November 2009, these wonderful photographs were taken by people spread out all over the globe:

I love this set, the variety and the details and aren’t the colours glorious?

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