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Thu 3 May 2012

Treaty of San Francisco

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On the 28th of April in 1952, the Treaty of San Francisco came into effect. The treaty offered recognition by the Allied Powers of the Japanese people’s full sovereignity over Japan. Japan renounced claims on various territories including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Antarctica.

The treaty also stated that Japan would indemnify members of the armed forces who suffered undue hardships while prisoners of war. Japan paid £4,500,000 to the Red Cross.

This document is considered to have officially ended World War II. But not everyone was a fan.

The Treaty of San Francisco

After the signing statement was read by President Truman hailing the reborn nation as a valiant ally in the struggle against “communist imperialism and aggression in the Pacific,” the Soviet Union immediately denounced the two treaties as “treaties for the preparation of a new war in the Far East” and an “illegal separate peace treaty with Japan.”

The treaty was signed by 48 nations, quite a few of which have been represented on Saturday Scenes!

And on the 28th of April in 2012, the following photographs were taken all over the world:

If you are looking for interesting people to follow, take advantage of this list of people who submitted photographs on Saturday:

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