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Fri 12 April 2013

To be toosed too and fro

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On the 6th of April in 1580, one of the largest earthquakes in the recorded history of England struck. It was about 6 o’clock in the evening.

English Writer Thomas Churchyard swiftly wrote a pamphlet about the event, which he published two days later. It was titled A Warning to the Wyse, a Feare to the Fond, a Bridle to the Lewde, and a Glasse to the Good; written of the late Earthquake chanced in London and other places, the 6th of April, 1580, for the Glory of God and benefit of men, that warely can walk, and wisely judge. Set forth in verse and prose, by Thomas Churchyard, gentleman.

1580 Dover Straits earthquake – Wikipedia

Mancall notes that Churchyard’s pamphlet provides a sense of immediacy so often lacking in retrospective writing. According to Churchyard, the quake could be felt across the city and well into the suburbs, as a wonderful motion and trembling of the earth shook London and Churches, Pallaces, houses, and other buildings did so quiver and shake, that such as were then present in the same were toosed too and fro as they stoode, and others, as they sate on seates, driven off their places.

Self-publishing at its finest.

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