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Wed 16 September 2009

The Poor Man of Anderlecht

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Did you know that the 12th of September is St. Guidon’s Day?

That is to say, it is the Feast Day for the Poor Man of Anderlecht, a Belgian Christian Saint.

Saint Guy of Anderlecht was born in the early Middle Ages in Brussels. He is also known as Guido or Guidon of Anderlecht, as the Poor Man of Anderlecht and as Wye of Láken. He died in 1012 of exhaustion. lists Saint Guy of Anderlecht as the patron saint of the following:

  • Anderlecht, Belgium
  • against epilepsy
  • against hydrophobia
  • against infantile convulsions
  • against mad dogs
  • against rabies
  • animals with horns
  • bachelors
  • convulsive children
  • epileptics
  • horned animals
  • laborers
  • protection of outbuildings, sheds and stables
  • sacristans
  • sextons
  • work horses

So if you are looking for protection against animals with horns, the Poor Man of Anderlecht is just the saint you’ve been waiting for. This is of personal importance to @akaSylvia.

Now, on to our photographs from the 12th of September 2009:

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