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Wed 22 December 2010

The Coed Butcher

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On the 18th of December 1948, Edmund Emil Kemper the Third was born. As a child, he amused himself by stabbing the cat and acting out bizarre sexual rituals with his sisters’ dolls. When he was 15, he shot his grandmother in the head when she asked him not to shoot the birds. When his 72-year-old grandfather arrived home, Edmund Kemper shot him as well, apparently to spare him finding his wife dead. Then he phoned his mother and told her what he had done.

His mother defended him vehemently and after less than 5 years in prison, he was released into her care and his records expunged.

Eight years later, he began murdering female students in California. He abused their bodies in his mother’s home and buried the heads in his mother’s garden. He joked later that his mother “always wanted people to look up to her.” He picked up over 150 hitchhikers and murdered six of them.

Finally in 1973 he attacked his mother in her bed, battering her to death and using her decapitated head as a dart board. After this, he became “discouraged”. He contacted the police and confessed that he had murdered his mother.

Edmund Kemper, known as the Coed Butcher — Time Bomb — Crime Library on

But the officer who took the first call believed it was a prank, says David Everitt in Human Monsters. He suggested the young man call again later. Kemper did so, but once again had a difficult time convincing the person at the other end of the line to take him seriously. Those who knew him believed it was all some practical joke. He continued to place calls until he was able to persuade an officer to go check out his mother’s house.

The other crimes were swiftly discovered and he was found guilty of eight counts of murder. He was held in the cell next to another murderer, John Linley Frazier, and angrily accused the man of stealing his body-dumping sites.

Although various body parts from the victims had been discovered and it was clear there was a killer in the area, Kemper was considered above suspicion until he turned against his mother. So you know … if the holidays get you down and you feel like killing your family? Make sure your mother is on your side. (My son is reading this over my shoulder and asking if you are interested in donating to his therapist fund.)

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