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Fri 11 January 2013

That Was the Year that Was

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2012 was a great year for photographs, especially when it came to Saturday Scenes. We had 1,639 photographs submitted over the last twelve months and 132 people took part. If all of you actually submitted a photograph on the same Saturday, it would be amazing!

Here are the top ten submitters for Saturday Scenes photographs in 2012.

10th with 36 submissions: oxonlady
 9th with 40 submissions: korwhai
 8th with 43 submissions: heidespruck pewari
 7th with 44 submissions: dudleypj
 6th with 45 submissions: carocat
 5th with 47 submissions: janetisserlis
 4th with 48 submissions: ernmander
 3rd with 50 submissions: icklemouse
 2nd with 51 submissions: mousewords

And …*drum roll please*… we have four submitters with a perfect score for 2012:

 1st with 52 submissions: akrabat jamesnnb raumsinn robdavies

Well done to everyone who took part. You are amazing!

And in the time it took me to sort out the above, it happened again! So gather round to see our very first photographs from the very first Saturday from 2013:

And here are the photographers off to a great start:

Thanks to all of you for making Saturday scenes so much fun. I’m looking forward to seeing many more photographs in 2013!

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