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Thu 8 December 2011

Tell Me That Again

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On the 3rd of December in 1927, a two-reel silent film was released. It was called Putting Pants on Philip and it was the first film to star Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as a comedy duo. Stan Laurel played Philip, a Scot who has come to visit his uncle Piedmont Mumblethunder. The Uncle (Oliver Hardy of course) is embarrassed by Philip’s kilt and takes the boy to get a proper pair of trousers.

The two men soon became a sensation and famous for their slapstick comedy, especially their tit-for-tat cartoonish fights. But their famous catch phrase, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into,” is actually a misquote – it’s another nice mess.

The misquoted version of the phrase was never used by Hardy on film; the misunderstanding stems from the title of their film Another Fine Mess (1930). Numerous variations of the quote appeared on film. In Chickens Come Home (1931), Ollie says impatiently to Stan, “Well….” with Stan replying, “Here’s another nice mess I’ve gotten you into.” In Thicker than Water (1935) and The Fixer-Uppers (1935), the phrase becomes “Well, here’s another nice kettle of fish you pickled me in!” In Saps at Sea (1940) it becomes “Well, here’s another nice bucket of suds you’ve gotten me into!”

Meanwhile, on the 3rd of December in 2011, well, all I can say is… Well, here’s another fine Saturday you filled with submissions! Take a look:

And here is the nice kettle of fish that took them:

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I’m looking forward to seeing your corner of the world on Saturday!

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