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Wed 1 April 2009

So who’s counting?

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If you were watching twitter this evening, you would have seen a conversation something like this:

That’s so funny. I think we have exactly 27 satscenes!

Hurrah for 3^3 SatScenes this week!

Lisa turquoise
@SatScenes so sorry to spoil your count (or am I too late?) :(…

@turquoise Hurray, that’s 28 photos on the 28th. Adding you in quick :)

oh wait. Or maybe I just can’t count.

I skipped 8 and 11 – we actually have 26. D’oh!

Lisa turquoise
@SatScenes LOL. Have a drink and try again ;)

And that’s why I’m sipping white wine instead of writing a witty intro!

Meanwhile, we had twentysix great Saturday scenes on March the 28th which is the most we’ve ever had! And wow, people started talking about food and look at some of the nice dishes that turned up. If every person who did a Saturday Scene brought me a meal, I’d be well-fed for almost a month! *drool*

OK, OK, on to the photos:

This week’s stunning photography comes from the following people on twitter:

  1. dramagirl
  2. TferThomas
  3. Pete_Edney
  4. rauchy
  5. akrabat
  6. carocat
  7. wolfgang
  8. ingridf
  9. Pewari
  10. elibrody
  11. musecrossing
  12. nellebabe
  13. ColinBrooks
  14. akaSylvia
  15. redalexred
  16. adhon
  17. Timmeahh
  18. drewbenn
  19. UKMelia
  20. vaxanta
  21. illuminancy
  22. ruhi
  23. capo42
  24. LannaGirl
  25. sparc
  26. turquoise

We could still aim for 28 photographs next week! It’s easy to take part, simply take a photograph and send the url to @SatScenes on twitter. It’s great to see photographs from all over the world and even the most mundane scenes can be surprisingly interesting – so let’s see yours on Saturday.

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