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Wed 25 March 2009

So Much for Round Numbers

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Update! Twitter to the rescue – I should have known that you guys wouldn’t let me down. UKMelia submitted a photograph on Saturday which somehow dropped off my list! Terribly embarrassing, that means we had 21 Saturday Scenes all along!

Update Number 2! Rachky also took a photograph which she forgot to submit, bringing us to a grand total of 22!

The Date: 21 March 2009
The Scene: Saturday
The Submitters: 20

Now come on, you guys…

You’d think on the 21st day of the month, you all could have made a special effort so that we ended up with a total of 21 Saturday Scenes, wouldn’t you?

It’s a good thing that the photographs are all so wonderful this week, else I would be deeply disappointed. But look at the happy scenes from Saturday:

Take a moment to say hello to the twenty people who submitted scenes from their Saturday:

This weekend, how about everyone takes a photograph and we aim for 28 Saturday Scenes? Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s easy: just take a photograph on a Saturday and send a reply to @Satscenes with the URL. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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