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Thu 24 June 2010

Self-Portrait Saturday

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On a quiet Saturday in the middle of June in 2009, 22 people submitted Saturday Scenes with a number of people responding to my question: Who Are You?

Those photographs made up one of my favourite SatScene collections ever and they can be found here: Saturday Scenes » Who Are You

When I realised it had been a year since this collection, I thought it was time to get another look at the people behind the camera. I wasn’t able to give much notice but I twittered a few days before that it’d be fun if we had a theme of Self-Portrait Saturday for Saturday Scenes. I’m glad I did – it was a lot of fun!

On the 24th of June 2010 these interesting and fun photographs appeared during the course of the day:

Isn’t this a glorious set? And don’t forget, the thumbnails crop the photographs so it is well worth clicking through on the originals to make sure you see the full portrait!

I am putting a link to the sidebar for posterity. Someone remind me to do this again next June, OK?

Here are our stars of the moment:

You can send a self-portrait on any Saturday or any sort of scene you like. It’s the different views from all over the world that makes each set such a fun combination. So join in, take a photograph on a Saturday and send it to @SatScenes! The more the merrier.

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