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Thu 30 July 2009

See the World

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On 25 July 1909, French aviator Louis Bleriot became the first person to fly an aeroplane across the English Channel, travelling from Calais to Dover in 37 minutes.

Now we fly long distances all the time but if you want to see the world, there’s a simpler solution. You can save time and money by following SatScenes and as seeing all the different places spotlit on Twitter every Saturday.

Exactly 100 years later on 25 July 2009 we have the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Wales, Israel, the U.S., Ireland and Spain all conveniently placed here in one simple location:

While most of us were lazing about, ColinBrooks (shown above with Blogography and katili) spent Saturday taking part in a 24-hour blogathon. As a part of the festivities, he’s given away a flickr pro upgrade to promote Saturday Scenes. And we have a winner: poppycede has a Flickr pro account and hopefully she will start taking photographs on Saturdays to share with all of us! Thanks for the promotion, Colin!

Please take a moment to visit all of our wonderful contributors:

It’s easy to take part!

1) Take a photo on a Saturday and upload it to a site like Flickr or Twitpic
2) Twitter the url for your photograph to @SatScenes
3) Watch for the next post on Twitter Blog to see a great set of all the photographs together.

I’m looking forward to seeing your scenes!

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