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Thu 12 January 2012

Saturday Scenes of 2011

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Wow, what great scenes you submitted last year. I’ve finally had a chance to go over them and I’m just so in awe of all of you taking so many great photographs.

I know a couple of people took up the challenge of taking a photograph EVERY Saturday so once again, I’ve tallied up the posts for the past year.

Here are our top numbers for Saturday Scene submissions:

10th with 36 submissions: fluttabyz
9th with 38: icklemouse
8th with 40: timewind
7th with 42: fembat
6th with 45: akasylvia
5th with 47: robdavies
4th with 48: janetisserlis
3rd with 51: pendrift
2nd with 52: sahfenn

and finally, 1st with 53, which means these people submitted every week:

WEll done! I’ve opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate all the wonderful SatScenes in 2011.

And here, without further ado, are the very first Saturday Scenes of 2012:

I love it when we get a great and varied set like this!

Here are the fast-off-the-mark photographers who took them:

So! How many Saturday Scenes will you manage this year?

You know the drill: take a photograph, tweet it to @Satscenes with a location and bask in the glory.

I’m looking forward to many more scenes from Saturdays to come.

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