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Fri 9 September 2011

San Marino

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On the 3rd of September in the year 301, a monastic community was founded by a stonecutter known as Marinus of Rab. Marinus left Rab (in present-day Croatia) during the Diocletianic persecution and went to Rimini, where he was made a Deacon. However, an insane woman accused him of being her estranged husband and he fled to Monte Titano to live as a hermit. It was there that he built a chapel and monastery which is now known as San Marino.

San Marino is now the most ancient constitutional republic. And if that didn’t already make it fascinating, the Centro Risorse Territoriale di Pesaro e Urbino have posted an excerpt from a travel guide to San Marino from 1769.

San Marino, a 1769 Guide

The road from La Catolica to Pezaro skirts the territories of this small republic, concerning the government of which we referred ourselves to the description given of it by Mr. Addison, who went in person to get a thorough knowledge of it. This little state was on the point of losing its liberty, by cardinal Alberoni’s enterprise against it, during his legation in Romania (* about 1750). The management and execution of this project would do honour to the cardinal’s bravery, had it been against a people, whom a slender regard to the Roman purple would not have restrained from offering at a defence. The cardinal’s red vestment, and a Te deum, in which he was seized with a panic, gave a sanction to this enterprize: Benedict XIV, disowned it, yet he kept the original charters of this republic, the cardinal having purloined them; and they were lodged in the Vatican Archivio.

I can’t help it. I find that a lot more exciting than the modern day Wikipedia entry.

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