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Wed 28 April 2010

Salt Eel

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On the 24th of April 1663, Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary about the frustrations of dealing with a young man who simply would not improve, despite having the best chances to do so:
24 April 1663 (Pepys’ Diary)

Up betimes, and with my salt eel went down in the parler and there got my boy and did beat him till I was fain to take breath two or three times, yet for all I am afeard it will make the boy never the better, he is grown so hardened in his tricks, which I am sorry for, he being capable of making a brave man, and is a boy that I and my wife love very well.

I presumed he accosted the poor lad with a long piece of pickled eel which didn’t sound very painful at all. Luckily there was a footnote added in 1893 to explain:

A salt eel is a rope’s end cut from the piece to be used on the back of a culprit. “Yeow shall have salt eel for supper” is an emphatic threat.

Unfortunately, I suspect I deserve a few lashings myself as I actually managed to forget to take a photograph on Saturday, and this despite the fact that I was retweeting the photographs in the afternoon.

Luckily, on the 24th of April 2010, there were over two dozen wonderful photographs taken by people all over the world so I don’t really feel too guilty.

Send positive energy to all these people for sharing a scene from their Saturday with you:

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