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Fri 27 May 2011

Raptures and Rappers

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On the 21st of May 2011 the rapture occurred.

Well, at least that’s what Harold Camper said was going to happen and being a gullible trusting soul, I believed him. I know that the Saturday Scene submitters are all really wonderful people, so it was clear to me that by the end of Saturday, you would all have ascended. OK, so I was a teeny bit disappointed that you all left me behind but hey, a date’s a date, right? I didn’t take it personally.

But now it turns out that Mr Camper got the wrong date. Apparently, he meant October, not May, which makes a big difference. And which, I guess, means you all are still here and waiting on the weekly post. Which I didn’t write because you weren’t supposed to be here.

Luckily, I found this great video for you to watch while I get caught up.

Would you believe, that song was released over 30 years ago? No, I didn’t much like to dwell upon that thought either.

So, moving right along, here are our photographs:

And here are our submitters who are – hurray! – still here:

Sorry for the late post but it was worth the wait, right?

We’d love to see your photos! Just take a picture on a Saturday and send it to SatScenes with a location.

See you next week tomorrow!

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