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Thu 29 September 2011

One Hundred and Seventeen Candles Wasn’t Too Many

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On the 24th of September in 1880, Sarah DeRemer Knauss was born.

In 1998 she took the record for the world’s oldest person in the Guinness Book of World Records. The death of Marie-Louise Febronie Meilleur (the previous record holder who was born 26 days earlier) led to the record passing to Sarah Knauss. Her response? “So what?”

Mrs. Sarah Knauss, the World’s Oldest Person, Turns 119

Sullivan wanted her mother to eat more of her crab patty before turning to the sweets, but no 95-year-old whippersnapper was going to tell Sarah Knauss what to do on her birthday. She took another bite of whipped cream. “She’s doing fine, the same as she has been,” said Marcella Moyer Schick, who alerted Guinness about Knauss and backed up the oldest claim with marriage and Census records.
The cake two years ago had 117 candles, but the latest was a pared version that had the numbers one, one, and nine. “When you let off that many candles,” explained activities director Bohnenberger, “you let off a lot of smoke, and we thought the fire alarm would go off.”

She died just thirty three hours short of the beginning of the year 2000. What a life!

And here on the 24th of September in 2011, the following people are also looking to live life to its fullest and to document their experiences:

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