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Thu 18 April 2013

New Beginnings

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The 13th of April 2556 is the beginning of the Cambodian New Year, a three day holiday at the end of the harvesting season. Maha Songkran, the first day, celebrates the ending of the year and the beginning of a new one. In Cambodia, the Buddhist Era is used to count the year and for this year’s new year ceremony, it is 2556BE.

Cambodian New Year – Wikipedia

Maha Songkran, derived from Sanskrit Maha Sankranti, is the name of the first day of the new year celebration. It is the ending of the year and the beginning of a new one. People dress up and light candles and burn incense sticks at shrines, where the members of each family pay homage to offer thanks for the Buddha’s teachings by bowing, kneeling and prostrating themselves three times before his image. For good luck people wash their face with holy water in the morning, their chests at noon, and their feet in the evening before they go to bed.

And on the 13th of April in 2013, the following people submitted a photograph for good luck and a super Saturday!

These are the photographers making a new start every week!

Would you like good luck for a year? It’s easy! All you have to do is take a photograph on Saturday and submit it to @Satscenes with a location. You’ll soon see the difference, especially if you take part every Saturday!

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