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Fri 1 July 2011

Murderous Neighbours

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On the 25th of June in 1953, John Christie was sentenced to hang for murdering his wife. He was caught when he moved out of flat in Notting Hill. The next tenant discovered a small alcove in the kitchen which had been covered over with wallpaper. Inside the alcove were three dead bodies.

After Christie was arrested, he confessed to seven murders, including that of his wife. He also confessed to murdering his neighbour Beryl Evans. Her husband, Timothy Evans, had been hanged three years earlier for the murder of their daughter, partially on the basis of testimony by John Christie. It seems clear that at least Evans knew about the murder at the time, whether or not he committed it. However, his own confession of the murder included details which were not true and when this was questioned, he implicated Christie. A later investigation concluded that Evans had probably murdered his wife but not their daughter. Popular press considered this conclusion to be a cover-up of the flawed investigation into the original murder. Eventually, Evans received a posthumous pardon. The controversy over this helped lead to the abolition of capital punishment for murder in the UK.

BBC ON THIS DAY | 25 June 1953: Christie to hang for wife’s murder

Mr Curtis-Bennett told the jury Christie had begun showing signs of hysteria as long ago as 1918. During World War I he had served in the army and lost the ability to speak for three-and-a-half years after being caught up in a mustard gas shell explosion.

It was, he concluded, no exaggeration to say Christie was “as mad as a March hare”.

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