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Fri 12 July 2013

Moving to Mars

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On the 6th of July in 1997, a robot escaped was freed from the space probe and began to explore the planet. Sojourner was a six-wheeled solar-powered rover designed to explore Mars for one week, sending back images of the Martian surface. The tiny robot, weighing 22 lbs (10kg) was the first man-made craft to travel over the surface of another planet.

BBC ON THIS DAY | 6 | 1997: Mars buggy starts exploring Red Planet

The problem began when a partially-deflated airbag blocked Sojourner’s way out of Pathfinder. Then the computers on board the probe and the rover failed to talk to each other.

Finally, at 0646 BST (0546 GMT) there was a breakthrough.

Flight director Chris Salvo announced to the waiting team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California: “Six wheels on the ground.”

Sojourner explored Mars for nearly three months, covering 50,000 square yards (42,000 square metres) of territory.

On the 6th of July in 2013, thousands of square yards / metres of territory on planet Earth were covered by the collaborative efforts of SatSceners all over the world:

And these are the star-crossed explorers who took them:

We would all love to see more photographs of more places! Everyone is welcome. All you have to do is take a photograph on Saturday and tweet it to @SatScenes with the location.

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