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Thu 6 January 2011

Looking Forward, Looking Back

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The first Saturday of 2011 fell on the 1st of January. What a perfect time to look back at the past year and the Saturday Scenes submissions. drewbenn wrote a clever little script and CliffStanford played with it some more and now we’ve got the top submitters of Saturday Scenes in 2010.

(I should note that these figures are not absolutely exact. I am not as consistent as I should be with people’s names, which has skewed the data by one or two points for a few people.)

There were 52 Saturdays in the year. Over a hundred people took part in 2010. Only one person submitted every week. Are you ready for the countdown?

Drumroll please!

Top Submitters in 2010:

12th: Pewari with 30 submissions
11th: drewbenn with 31 submissions
10th: robdavies with 34 submissions
joint 8th: timewind and elibrody with 36 submissions
7th: twasntme with 38 submissions
6th: akrabat with 40 submissions
5th: akaSylvia with 48 submissions
4th: sahfenn with 49 submissions
3rd: RAFairman with 50 submissions
2nd: JanetIsserlis with 51 submissions
and the top submitter of 2010 who didn’t miss a single week was:
1st: raumsinn with 52 submissions!

I hope someone brought leftover fireworks for the celebration!

Interestingly, the list of top submitters overall is not quite as similar to 2010 as you might expect.

Most Submissions Ever:

12th: JanetIsserlis
11th: sahfenn
10th: carocat
9th: ingridf
8th: pixelfreund
joint 6th: raumsinn and drewbenn
5th: Pewari
4th: akrabat
3rd: RAFairman (who could forget the first ever SatScene of baby Lily?)
2nd: elibrody
and somewhat of a relief, I have to admit:
1st: akaSylvia

And finally, the first submitters of 2011:

The first members of the shiny, new 2011 Saturday Scenes list are:

This year starts and ends on a Saturday so we’ll have 53 Saturdays in which to create our scenes! Be sure to take a photograph on Saturday and join in!

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