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Wed 21 October 2009

London Beer Flood

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On the 17th of October in 1814, in the quiet storerooms of a brewery in St Giles, there was a sudden explosion.

Damn Interesting • Beer Flood Claims Nine Souls

A huge vat which held over 135,000 gallons of fermenting beer succumbed to the wounds of age, and let its bounty loose with explosive force. The impact caused several other vats in the same building to rupture, and almost instantly the combined 323,000+ gallons of ale crashed through the brick structure and poured into the London parish of St. Giles, a slum area.

The impact of this massive wave of beer was disastrous. Men and women were caught in the wave, tossed against walls and buried in debris. The beer completely destroyed two homes, and flooded many others. A wall at a nearby pub crumbled under the force, burying a barmaid there for several hours.

It sounds pretty horrific but not everyone seemed to recognise it immediately as a disaster.

Of the nine people who lost their lives, eight drowned. The ninth died of alcohol poisoning.

Not that anyone who submits to SatScenes would ever succumb to such temptation!

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