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Wed 15 December 2010

Llywelyn the Last

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On the 11th of December 1282, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was ambushed and killed during the Battle of Orewin Bridge. Llywelyn was the last prince of Wales as an independent principality before it was conquered by Edward I of England in 1283. After his death, his head was severed and encircled with a ring of ivy, to be carried by a horseman to the Tower of London as a mockery of Merlin’s prophecy that a Welshman would ride, crowned, through the streets of London. This prophecy of a Welshman as King of England was fulfilled in 1485, when Henry Tudor became king.

Llywelyn’s head remained on display at the gates of the Tower of London for at least 15 years. History is silent as to what happened to it from there but I suspect it has something to do with the ravens.

What happened to Llywelyn’s body, on the other hand, remained a mystery for centuries. Edward I would not have allowed the Welsh to have a formal burial for their fallen leader so the body was spirited away.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that the body was discovered buried in a stone coffin. The headless corpse is believed to still be resting there … under a pub in a Cardiff council estate.

Last true Welsh prince buried under pub? – Wales News – News – WalesOnline

In the 13th century the site would have been a monastic grange. In later years it would become the home of notorious pirate Sir Henry Morgan, but nowadays it is the site of a reputedly haunted pub on the Llanrumney housing estate.

And exactly 728 years later on the 11th of December 2010, fine photographers from all over the world (including two in Wales!) ran around like headless princes in order to bring you a Saturday Scene. Take a look:

I prophesy that these people will take many more photographs in the future:

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