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Wed 13 May 2009

Just Killing Time

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BBC News on the 9th of May, 1956:
Mystery of missing frogman deepens

British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden has refused to reveal the details surrounding the disappearance of a naval diver during a goodwill visit by the Soviet leadership.

But he told a packed House of Commons “the appropriate disciplinary steps” were being taken – heightening speculation that Commander Lionel “Buster” Crabb was on a secret spying mission for which permission had not been granted.


It appears that Lionel Crabb was on a spying mission for MI6 – unbeknown to the Prime Minister. The statement by the Admiralty was an attempt to cover up the mission but when the Soviets claimed to have seen a frogman Sir Anthony Eden was forced to speak out. Sir John Alexander Sinclair, head of MI6 was subsequently forced to resign.

The headless body of a man in the remains of a diving suit was found in Chichester harbour in 1957. A coroner concluded that it was Crabb’s body and it was buried with his silver-mounted swordstick.

We will know the answer in 2057, when the Cabinet papers regarding this mystery will be released.

What shall we do while we wait?

Well, luckily on the 9th of May, 2009 people all over the world are helping us to pass the time by taking photographs of their Saturday. Take a look:

I’m not worried about being able to see other people’s @replies because I get to find out about all the interesting Twitter streams by watching for SatScenes. Go say hello to these great people:

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