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Thu 1 November 2012

Joe Medicine Crow

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On the 27th of October in 1913, Joseph Medicine Crow-High Bird was born on the Crow Indian reservation near Lodge Grass, Montana. Joe Medicine Crow is a Crow historian and author. He was both the first college graduate and the last war chief of the Crow Tribe.

Four tasks are required to become a war chief: you must touch a living enemy soldier, you must disarm an enemy, you must lead a successful war party and you must steal an enemy horse. Joe Medicine Crow joined the army and fought in the 103rd Infantry Division during World War II, where he completed all four tasks.

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While he was in combat in Europe, and without quite meaning to, Joe Medicine Crow performed the four necessary war deeds to become a war chief like his grandfather. First, he led a seven-man squad carrying explosives through a wall of artillery fire to blast German positions along the Siegfried Line. Then, while helping to take over a German-held village, he literally ran into a German soldier, knocking him down. He quickly disarmed the soldier, taking away his rifle. Finally, in the last weeks of the war, he stole dozens of horses from a battalion of German officers.

After the war, he returned to the Crow reservation, where he was appointed tribal historian and anthropologist.

On his ninety-ninth birthday, on the 27th of October in 2012, the following personal histories were captured within photographs:

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