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Thu 13 May 2010

It’s the Real Thing

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On the 8th of May 1886, John Pemberton first sold his carbonated beverage which he created as a result of his search for a cure for morphine addiction. Coca-cola, his non-alcoholic alternative to French Wine Coca, was originally sold for medicinal purposes.

John Pemberton – Wikipedia

With public concern about drug addiction, depression and alcoholism among veterans, and ‘neurasthenia’ among ‘highly-strung’ Southern women, his medicinal concoction was advertised as being particularly beneficial for “ladies, and all those whose sedentary employment causes nervous prostration, irregularities of the stomach, bowels and kidneys, who require a nerve tonic and a pure, delightful diffusable stimulant”.

I wasn’t around on Saturday; I was travelling and thus unable to watch over the images sent to @SatScenes. As a result I was somewhat nervous and I think I would have definitely benefited from a pint or two of Coca-Cola by Sunday morning. But I needn’t have worried.

On the 8th of May, 2010, these dynamic photographs showing scenes from all over the world came pouring in:

Pop by and say hello to all the lovely people who submitted their photographs:

It’s easy to take part!

  1. Take a photo on a Saturday and upload it to the photo site of your choice.
  2. Twitter the url for your photograph to @SatScenes.
  3. Watch for the next episode of Saturday Scenes to see your photo here!

The photo should be taken on a Saturday but you don’t need to let me know until Tuesday (although as soon as possible is always nice) when I collate them all. I would love to see your scenes from next Saturday.

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