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Wed 20 January 2010

It Don’t Mean a Thing

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On the 16th of January 1932, Duke Ellington and his orchestra recorded “It Don’t Mean a Thing”, an original composition with lyric by Irving Mills.

Here is a performance from 1943 on YouTube:

YouTube – Duke Ellington – It don’t mean a thing (1943)

I highly recommend that you take three minutes out of your day just to listen. The comments are very informative as well – a miracle on YouTube!

And then, feast your eyes on these photographs.

On Saturday the 16th of January in 2010 these original compositions were taken by some serious swingers on Twitter:

Want to know more about the photographers? Click through and follow!

Next week I won’t be around much on Saturday as I have to pretend to be a grown-up. But you can watch the images arrive real time as they arrive just by clicking on the Saturday Scenes list which includes all of our recent participants. Go forth and give each other some retweet love, OK?

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