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Thu 7 February 2013

Imagine These Nails on a Chalkboard

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On the 2nd of February in 1941, Lee Redmond was born. 60 years later, she became the Guinness World Record holder for the longest finger nails. In 1979 she decided to stop filing her nails and then simply continued to let them grow. Her nails averaged 33 inches (84 centimetres) in length, making for a total of “27 feet of stiff protein” attached to her hands. However, she was horrified when Guinness World Records showed her under the category of “Grossest World Records”.

Extreme Measures: The Smallest Waist and the Longest Fingernails – ABC News

According to Redmond, the previous fingernail record holder was so emotionally shaken when he finally cut them that he glued his nails back on. Redmond readily admitted that she has a difficult time facing the prospect of cutting her nails off.

“Maybe it’s the fear of cutting part of me?” she said.

In the meantime, she’s persuaded Guinness World Records to remove her from the “Grossest World Records” page and return her to her former place of prominence — the longest fingernails record.

Sadly, in 2009 she was involved in a car accident and although she was not seriously injured, her fingernails were. They broke off. She’s stated that she does not plan to grow them out again although according to Wikipedia, her nails are currently four inches long.

And on the 2nd of February in 2013, we ended up with over 33 inches worth of photographs to share! Take a look:

And here are the world record holders for the most wonderful-est submitters of all time:

Would you like to be a SatScenes record holder? It’s easy to join in!

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I’m looking forward to seeing your scenes!

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