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Fri 28 October 2011

I Give You My Prophecies

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The 22nd of October of 1844 is known as the Great Disappointment.

A Baptist preacher by the name of William Miller told his people that Jesus Christ would come to cleanse and take possession of the earth, along with the saints, during the year of 1844. Although William Miller did not specify a date but merely a time period (initially 21 March 1843 to 21 March 1844), Millerite Samuel Snow calculated that the return of Christ would take place on the 22nd of October, 1844. As a journalist and reformed skeptic, his conclusion carried much weight and was quickly embraced.

By the beginning of October, even Miller came to believe in the new date, “seeing it had obtained such prevalence, and considering it was at a probable point of time, I was persuaded that it was a work of God, and felt that, if it should pass by, I should be more disappointed than I was in my first published time.”

The 22nd of October dawned, “one of the most lovely mornings of this loveliest season of the year,” wrote Miller. But the day that had begun with such hope and promise passed without any apparent visitation from celestial beings.

Miller wrote to Joshua Himes with frustration about the reactions he received.


“Some are tauntingly enquiring, ‘Have you not gone up?’ Even little children in the streets are shouting continually to passersby, ‘Have you a ticket to go up?’ The public prints, of the most fashionable and popular kind…are caricaturing in the most shameful manner of the ‘white robes of the saints,’ Revelation 6:11, the ‘going up,’ and the great day of ‘burning.’ Even the pulpits are desecrated by the repetition of scandalous and false reports concerning the ‘ascension robes’, and priests are using their powers and pens to fill the catalogue of scoffing in the most scandalous periodicals of the day.”

On the 22nd of October in 2011, those of us who follow @SatScenes expected to see wondrous views of every-day life from all over the world. And not a single one was a disappointment:

And those glorious photographs were taken by these people, not one of whom ever had a doubt that the 22nd of October would become a special day. A Saturday:

Would you like to join us? I can confidently predict that we will see more photographs from all over the world on the exact date of the 29th of October 2011! Simply take a photograph on Saturday and send it to @SatScenes with a location!

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