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Wed 5 August 2009

Hurray for the Swiss Confederation

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I learn so much from Saturday Scenes! As soon as I twittered that it was Saturday, I got a message telling me that it was the Swiss national holiday. So I wandered off to look it up and sure enough, it’s true!

In 1291, the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden conspired against the Habsburgs. Their union, the nucleus of the Old Swiss Confederacy, is recorded in the Federal Charter, a document probably written after the fact, in the 14th century. At the battles of Morgarten in 1315 and Sempach 1386, the Swiss defeated the Habsburg army, allowing the confederacy to continue within the Holy Roman Empire.

Officially, the 1st of August 1291 is recognised as the date that the Swiss Confederation was formed, also known by its latin name: Confoederatio Helvetica. Now I finally understand why the Swiss country code is CH!

On the 1st of August 2009, there were lots of great photos taken in Switzerland and some of them have even been sent to @Satscenes for us all to delight in. And of course, we have additional photographs from the rest of the world, including England, the US, Egypt, Spain and Italy.

Take a look:

These photographs were brought to you by these Summer-loving submitters:

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