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Thu 16 September 2010


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On (or somewhere near) the 11th of September in the year 9 CE was the Hermannsschlacht, the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. An alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed the Romans, driving them away from the Rhine valley. Although the Romans appear to have continued to try to conquer these lands, they never gained a sustained occupation in “Germania” past the Rhine but contented themselves with raids across the river in retribution for the lost battle

The Ambush That Changed History

Had Rome not been defeated, says historian Herbert W. Benario, emeritus professor of classics at EmoryUniversity, a very different Europe would have emerged. “Almost all of modern Germany as well as much of the present-day Czech Republic would have come under Roman rule. All Europe west of the Elbe might well have remained Roman Catholic; Germans would be speaking a Romance language; the Thirty Years’ War might never have occurred, and the long, bitter conflict between the French and the Germans might never have taken place.”

And more importantly, if the Romans hadn’t left Hamburg alone, we might never have had hamburgers and at least two of our Saturday Scenes would never have happened!

So, thanks to a clever ambush 2001 years ago, these great photographs were taken on the 11th of September in 2010:

Say hello to the people who snapped these scenes for you to enjoy:

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So take a photograph this weekend and send it to @SatScenes!

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