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Wed 14 July 2010


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On the 10th of July, 1212, there was a great fire in London. Not the Great Fire of London, that was in 1666. This was just a great fire. But it was probably the greatest fire in London even though it is only one of three.

Great Fires of London

In 1135 a massive blaze struck London. Starting near Cannon Street the day after the Christmas festival the blaze rapidly spread eastwards and eventually burnt down the then wooden London Bridge and once more St Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed! The fire was so significant that for almost a century the blaze was referred to as the ‘Great fire of London’.

That was until the year 1212 when another Great Fire of London wrought its destruction on the weary inhabitants of London. The fire broke out on the 12 July in Southwark and with stunning rapidity laid waste to all in its path, including much of Borough High Street and the church of St Mary Overie, which was on the site of the current day Southwark Cathedral. It is not sure how many people died (records from the era are notoriously unreliable), but is almost defiantly more than any of the other Great Fires (including that of 1666, which was surprisingly only about half a dozen). Many Londoners lost their lives after fleeing onto London Bridge, when the winds changed and the blaze took root on the northern end of the bridge their fates were tragically sealed. Further Major fires of London are noted in 11th century London in the years 1220, 1227 and 1299, but none that had the impact of the Great fire of 1212.

On the 10th of July, 2010, there was a great edition of Saturday Scenes submitted from all over the world. This might not be the great edition of SatScenes but it is a great edition, without a doubt:

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