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Wed 18 March 2009


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On 14 March 1951, this famous photograph of Albert Einstein was taken by Arthur Sasse.

It was Einstein’s 72nd birthday and the press was following him as he left an event in Princeton, hoping for a photograph. Einstein was annoyed. As he got into the car, he reacted to the photographers by sticking his tongue out at them and Sasse snapped one of the most famous photographs of all time. Einstein liked the result so much that he used it for greeting cards to send to all his friends.

On 14 March 2009, twenty-one wonderful photographs were taken by the extra-talented photographers on Twitter.

Which one of these people do you think will end up famous:

Tell a friend! If you see friends on twitter take a photograph on a Saturday, invite them to join us. All they have to do is send a message to @Satscenes with the URL.

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