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Thu 12 February 2009

February Made Me Shiver

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Did you know?

February 7th is Independence Day in Grenada.
February 7th was the first time that the title Prince of Wales was granted to an English heir apparent
February 7th was the release of the film featuring the first appearance of Charlie Chaplin
February 7th is the birthday of Eddie Izzard

AND February 7th was a great day for Saturday Scenes, with lots of new people and locations for us to look at! This week we have a great mix of blue skies and beach and snow and people and still life scenes.

Here is the set:

Please take a moment to say hello to everyone who took time out of their Saturday to share a scene with you!

Anyone can take part! Simply take a photograph on a Saturday and tweet the url to @SatScenes ! We’d love to see what Saturday looks like in your part of the world.

P.S. dorr says his series from Ra’anana will be even better next week, so be sure to join us.

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