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Thu 13 October 2011

Faster than a Speeding Shotgun Pellet

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On the 8th of October in 1967, Ken Warby set the current water speed record of 317.60 miles per hour (511.13 km/hour) in his self-built boat at the Blowering Dam in Australia. The boat was made of wood and fibreglass and had a jet engine which he purchased from a military auction.

Warby said that the previous record holder Donald Campbell had been his hero since he was a child. Warby is the only person to have exceeded 300 mph (482 km/hour) average speed for the test and survive.

Donald Campbell held the previous record with 276.33 mph. In 1967 he tried to beat his own record and, on his first run, he’d reached a peak speed of 315 mph with an average of 297.6 mph. Tragically he died that day on the second run, trying to reach his target of 300 mph. His speedboat, the Bluebird K7, flipped and disintegrated while travelling in excess of 320 mph.

Bluebird tragedy blamed on a duck | UK news |

The fatal somersault on Coniston Water which killed Donald Campbell and destroyed his Bluebird jet boat may have been caused by a duck.

Research for a new book on the tragedy, which will be published this coming Saturday, 15 October, suggests that the bird was biffed on a practice run by one of the relatively slender spars which connected the main hull to its two stabilising fins.

It is believed that the damage from the duck on the first run was enough to destabilise the Bluebird for the second run.

I’ll be looking for the book this Saturday and maybe even take a SatScene of it!

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