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Wed 11 November 2009

Falling Out of the Sky

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On the 7th of November 1492, a meteorite crashed into a wheat field in Alsace. It is the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact. You can see the surviving piece (123 pounds) at the old city hall in Ensisheim still.

Ensisheim Meteorite

Shortly before noon on November 7th, 1492 a loud explosion was heard by hundreds of people along the Rhine River within a circle with a radius of 80 miles centered in the walled village of Ensisheim, Alsace. The sole witness to the cause of this thunderous noise was a young boy who reported seeing a large stone fall from the sky and bury itself in a hole five feet deep in a wheat field near the road that ran from Ensisheim south to Battenheim. He ran to town where he told his tale to a group of villagers who followed him to the field where with great effort they removed a 280 pound stone from the small crater.

One of the interesting things about this is that we have a contemporary account as well as woodcut of the scene.

A Contemporary Account of the Ensisheim Meteorite, 1492

At this point there has to be mention of the immense portent which was seen this year in Germany: for on the seventh day of November, near the city of Ensisheim and the village of Battenheim above Basel, a great stone fell out of the sky, triangular in shape, charred, the color of a metallic ore, and accompanied by crashing thunder and lightning. When it had fallen to earth it split into several pieces, for it had traveled at an oblique angle; to the amazement of all, indeed, it flattened the earth when it struck.

On the seventh day of November 2009, we created a great historical collection of our own, using the modern-day equivalent of a woodcut. Take a look!

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