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Wed 1 July 2009

Do You Sizz?

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Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut (1823-1886) was a South Carolina author who kept a detailed diary during the American Civil War. You can read the entire Diary from Dixie online. It’s well written and gives a great insight into the politics and attitudes of the time.

Here is the start of her entry from June 27, 1861

RICHMOND, Va., June 27, 1861. – Mr. Meynardie was perfect in the part of traveling companion. He had his pleasures, too. The most pious and eloquent of parsons is human, and he enjoyed the converse of the “eminent persons” who turned up on every hand and gave their views freely on all matters of state.

Mr. Lawrence Keitt joined us en route. With him came his wife and baby. We don’t think alike, but Mr. Keitt is always original and entertaining. Already he pronounces Jeff Davis a failure and his Cabinet a farce. “Prophetic,” I suggested, as he gave his opinion before the administration had fairly got under way. He was fierce in his fault-finding as to Mr. Chesnut’s vote for Jeff Davis. He says Mr. Chesnut overpersuaded the Judge, and those two turned the tide, at least with the South Carolina delegation. We wrangled, as we always do. He says Howell Cobb’s common sense might have saved us.

Two quiet, unobtrusive Yankee school-teachers were on the train. I had spoken to them, and they had told me all about themselves. So I wrote on a scrap of paper, “Do not abuse our home and house so before these Yankee strangers, going North. Those girls are schoolmistresses returning from whence they came.”

Soldiers everywhere. They seem to be in the air, and certainly to fill all space. Keitt quoted a funny Georgia man who says we try our soldiers to see if they are hot enough before we enlist them. If, when water is thrown on them they do not sizz, they won’t do; their patriotism is too cool.

Well, just looking at this week’s collection of photographs, I think you can tell you that all the contributors to SatScenes sure do sizz!

That, and we have plenty of water of our own.

Take a look at the collection from 27 June, 2009:

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