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Wed 7 October 2009

Captain Jack

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Captain Jack was a Modoc Indian chief living in lands that now span the California/Oregon border in the US. His real name was Kintpuash and he lived from 1837 to October 3, 1973. He is famous as the chief of the Native American Modoc tribe during the Modoc War.

The Modoc tribe had been pushed back from their lands at Lost River to the Klamath reservation where they were badly treated by the native inhabitants. Captain Jack led his people back to their lands at Lost River and then retreated to the lava beds where they successfully held off the United States Army for several months.

Kintpuash on Wikipedia

Captain Jack’s advisers, apparently not attuned to relevant differences between Modoc and Euro-American culture, suggested that the Army would leave in response to killing their leader, General Edward Canby. Jack hoped, to the contrary, for a peaceful solution to the conflict, and entered into negotiations with a Federal peace commission.

During the months-long negotiations, the Modoc hawks gained in influence. Jack was shamed, his opponents even dressing him in the clothing of a Modoc woman to symbolically strip him of his manhood. To bolster his influence, Jack agreed to their plan: he called for a meeting with the commission (of which Canby was by then the chair) with the intention of killing them all.

During a conference on April 11, Captain Jack and several other Modocs drew pistols upon a pre-arranged signal, and killed two leading members of commission; Captain Jack fatally shot Canby and Boston Charley dispatched Californian clergyman Reverend Eleazar Thomas.

The murder had far from the desired effect, and Canby’s successor, General Jefferson C. Davis, brought in over 1000 soldiers as reinforcements. On April 14, the Army again attacked the stronghold, this time forcing the Modoc to flee.

On October 3, 1873, Captain Jack was hanged for murder.

The moral of the story is… um… to make sure your advisors know what they are talking about? And there’s nothing wrong with wearing a skirt.

Meanwhile, moving right along to happier times in 2009! (I swear, I’ll find a happy ending story for next week’s post.)

This week, we have a lot of happy photographs, that’s for sure. Take a look at these scenes from Saturday, the 3rd of October!

And here’s our list of happy participants:

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