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Wed 10 June 2009

Bucky Balls

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It’s amazing what you find when you search for interesting things that happened on a specific day…

On This Day In Science – June 6

June 6th is Richard Smalley’s birthday. Richard Smalley is one of the three chemists who discovered several allotropes of carbon called fullerenes. One of these fullerenes is a spherical collection of sixty carbon atoms called buckminster fullerene, or bucky balls. They were named after Richard Buckminster Fuller who was the architect who designed geodesic domes using the same pattern the carbon atoms use to form bucky balls.

Happy Birthday Richard Smalley!

I have no idea what most of that means but I’m willing to bet it’s a contributing factor to the great Saturday Scenes taking on the 6th of June, 2009!

Take a look:

Countries represented this week: England, Austria, the U.S., Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Israel. Wouldn’t you just love to have that as a travel itinerary? OK, maybe not in that order.

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