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Thu 6 October 2011

Bonnie and Clyde

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On the 1st of October in 1910, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born. She was a good student, winning top prizes in spelling, writing and public speaking. She wrote poetry. She got married six days before her sixteenth birthday but they split up before she turned 19. She lived with her mother for a year, working as a waitress and writing in her diary about the loneliness and boredom of her life in Dallas.

And then she met Clyde Barrow. Bonnie was smitten and became his companion and his partner in crime. On the run from the police, Bonnie left behind her possessions in an apartment in Joplin. Police found a handwritten poem and a camera with several rolls of exposed film: fun photographs of Bonnie and Clyde and their friends. Suddenly, the world was paying attention.

Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde

John Dillinger had matinee-idol good looks and Pretty Boy Floyd had the best possible nickname, but the Joplin photos introduced new criminal superstars with the most titillating trademark of all: illicit sex. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were young and unmarried. They undoubtedly slept together – after all, the girl smoked cigars… Without Bonnie, the media outside Texas might have dismissed Clyde as a gun-toting punk, if it ever considered him at all. With her sassy photographs, Bonnie supplied the sex-appeal, the oomph, that allowed the two of them to transcend the small-scale thefts and needless killings that actually comprised their criminal careers.

Although as far as is known, Bonnie never shot anyone herself, she was present at a hundred or more felonies, including thirteen murders, over the two-year period that Bonnie and Clyde spent together. You can see many of the famous photographs on the FBI’s page about Bonnie and Clyde.

On the 1st of October in 2011, more wonderful photographs were taken, some sassy and some with oomph, to share with the world:

And here are the shooters:

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