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Fri 4 July 2008


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Colin Brooks is on holiday in Athens so he emailed me these photographs with the following explanation:

Believe it or not, these were shots!

Believe it or not, these were shots! They are called “submarine” in Greek and originally they are meant to be a glass of beer (I’m not sure if it has to be a pint) in which you sink a shot glass filled with whiskey or tequila. I think internationally it’s known as a “Boilermaker”. However, I’m not sure exactly what was in the ones we had on Saturday because they were sweet and didn’t smell at all like beer or whisky or tequila. I think they had vodka (because the club was sponsored by Smirnoff that night) in them but I could be wrong. As you can see they are huge so they required a few gulps and multiple burps… I remember having at least 3 of those.

The other photos are just very bad photos of the crowd around us. I was too shy to take photos of the sexy girls dancing on the bar.

Athens Bar

2 Responses to “Athens”

  1.   Sylvia Says:

    I looked it up in Wikipedia and the name change may be because the glass was dropped in?

    A shot glass of the liquor may be dropped into the beer from the surface just before drinking, glass and all – this technique is referred to as a depth charge in some circles.

  2.   Colin Brooks Says:

    Whatever… All I know is that they were yummy! :D

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