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Fri 22 July 2011

Another Self-Portrait Saturday

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I herewith declare Self-Portrait Saturday to be an official annual Summer tradition (well, an annual Winter tradition for upside-down SatScene submitters). You can enjoy our previous collections here:

Who Are You: June 2009

Who Are You: June 2010

And now we’ve done it again!

This Saturday, we had a number of gorgeous traditional submissions but also a tremendous amount of interesting self-portraits, including action shots and artistic close-ups. I have really enjoyed the variety that you all have come up with. Take a look!

And these are the lovely people* who posted this week.

* not all scenes are self-portraits. It’s not a requirement, only a request. The traditional submissions are generally self-evident but just to be clear, I’ve marked the images which are not self-portraits with an asterisk.†

† Although I’m not 100% sure about HeideSpruck in Mannheim. The likeness is phenomenal.

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