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Fri 17 May 2013

An Unexpected Pair

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On the 11th of May in 1811, Chang and Eng Bunker were born the province of Samutsongkram in Siam (now Thailand). The two boys were conjoined twins, attached to each other by a band of flesh at the lower chest, which connected their livers. Born of Chinese parents, they were known as the “Chinese Twins” in Siam but, when they began touring with PT Barnum’s circus, they swiftly became known as the Siamese twins, a term that stuck for over a hundred years.

The brothers became naturalised US citizens and created as normal a life as possible on a plantation in Mount Airy, North Carolina. They married two sisters and between them had nearly two dozen children, although as time went on, the living conditions became tense.

Chang and Eng gave the world “Siamese twins”—and brought a small town an enduring legacy. – National Geographic Magazine

After 14 years of living as a foursome, strain overtook family harmony. The twins split their property, built separate houses, and arranged to spend three days in one house with one family, then three days in the other. Stewarts Creek defines the boundary between properties, and today, at least one Chang relative refers to Eng’s people as “the other side of the creek.”

The descendents of Chang and Eng Bunker number 1,500 now and continue to hold family reunions in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

Over two hundred years later, these great photographs were taken as an enduring legacy of a wonderful Saturday:

And here are the amazing people who took them:

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