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Wed 23 September 2009

Ahoy Thar Mateys!

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Did you know that 19 September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? This year, it just happened to land on a Saturday. Avast!

The history behind Talk Like a Pirate Day is that a group of guys began talking like pirates while they were playing tennis one day. They decided the world needed an official day in order to sound foolish speak like pirates and promptly chose a date. As the date was plugged into a computer calendar, they received a reminder every year. Seven years on, as a whim, they mailed the syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry and asked him to be the spokesman.

Surprisingly, we had an answer in a matter of days. We had assumed a famous guy like Dave Barry would have more important things to do than read the e-mail of a couple of louts with a hare-brained idea. It turns out, louts like us are where he gets a lot of his column material.

It’s a great idea, he said, (actually “very excellent” were his exact words, in case you’re keeping score.) But then he asked the fatal question.

“Have you guys actually DONE anything about this? Or are you counting on me to carry the ball here?”

Very perceptive of him. The way we answered would be crucial in bringing Barry aboard. We decided on the truth, with a lot of ass kissing thrown in.

“Well, we’ve talked like pirates every Sept. 19, and we’ve encouraged our several friends to,” John wrote in reply. And Mark put it in perspective when he wrote, “We are dinghy-sized-talk-like-a-pirate kinda guys, but you, Dave … you are like a frigate-huge-sized-talk-like-a-pirate kinda guy.”

In early September, John got a phone call from the feature editor at the local paper, someone he had worked with for several years before leaving the newspaper business (But that’s a different story.) She sounded confused.

“John, I was editing this week’s Dave Barry column and it’s about … Is this you?”

You can read about the the aftermath as well as receive concrete advice for talking like a pirate on the official website: International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

In th’ meantime, we would like t’ ‘sure ye that none o’ these photographs be swashbucklerd, although we did hear a bit o’ Avastin’ down Bri’ton way. So ye can feel safe as ye take a eyeball th’ wonderful snaps from Saturday, 19th September 2009 from all o’er th’ world! Savvy?

Extra rum fer me best hearties fer inadvertantly fittin’ in wi’ me theme : Neal55 wi’ a photo in Cove an’ MitchellQuinn wi’ a photo in Hook!

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I’m lookin’ fore t’ seein’ yer Saturday scene this weekend!
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