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Wed 19 August 2009

15 Août

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Did you know that there is not one, not two but three unrelated films named after our Saturday Scenes date this week? 15 Août and August 15th and August 15th are fairly recent films named after the 227th day of the year.

15 Août is a French film about “several middle aged men who have a crisis on their hands when their wives depart leaving them to look after the boisterous kids.”

August 15th is a short film based on the harrowing true story of a woman who was raped on a hijacked bus while the other passengers looked on.

And then, there is also a 15 minute Italian horror film, also called August 15th and available to watch online with subtitles if you are into that sort of thing (very violent and fairly plotless).

Something clearly is inspiring about the date. Maybe Saturday Scenes should start including video!

Here’s our 15th of August set:

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