Saturday Scenes

Thu 3 May 2018

How To Take Part in SatScenes

Saturday Scenes is a Twitter-based collaborative photography project.

It’s easy to join in. All you need to do is take a photograph on a Saturday, and then tweet it to @SatScenes with a location.

There are some rules, but they are very simple:
1) You must have taken the photograph yourself
2) The photograph has to be taken on the Saturday in question (not just a random Saturday)
3) The photograph needs to be tweeted to @SatScenes before the Thursday after the Saturday in which the photograph was taken.

That sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Take a photograph on a Saturday and tweet it to @SatScenes before Thursday (of the same week) with a location. That’s it!

If you follow @SatScenes then when you submit a photo, you’ll receive a DM with a link to see your photo along with all the others. If you’d rather not get the collection, then just don’t follow @SatScenes — you can still submit!

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