Saturday Scenes

Fri 29 March 2019

23 March 2019

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Hip hip hooray for these beautiful photographs of Saturday!

Tomorrow, be sure to send a photograph so I can include you in the next batch! It’s so easy to take part!

  1. Take a photograph on a Saturday
  2. Send a tweet to @SatScenes with the the location

Fri 22 March 2019

16 March 2019

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One of the wonderful things about SatScenes is that I end up learning something new every week!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photograph!

Join us next week: the more the merrier!

Take a photograph, tweet it to @SatScenes with a location and bask in the glory.

Fri 15 March 2019

9 March 2019

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It is what it is: another great collection of scenes from Saturday!

Please encourage other people to join in.

I am always thrilled to see the variety of @SatScenes indoors and outdoors, from all around the world!

Fri 8 March 2019

2 March 2019

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The first Saturday of March led to some super special scenes for all of us to enjoy.

Would you like to support Saturday Scenes?

All you have to do is tell everyone you know to take a photo on a Saturday and tweet the url and location to @SatScenes to be included in next week’s round-up.

Then watch me fall over with shock when it actually works. :)

Fri 1 March 2019

23 February 2019

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ACK! I forgot to do the post but luckily I was able to rewind time (ok, by which I mean Cliff reverted the script to yesterday) so that I could quickly put last week’s set together. Here you are:

Sorry for posting late; I literally forgot what day it was!

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