Saturday Scenes

Fri 28 September 2018

22 September 2018

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On the Saturday closest to the Autumnal Equinox this year, there were almost equal times of dark and light. At least in my part of the world, summer is officially over. Not sure how it works for those people who live upside down but I’m pleased to see plenty of photographs of day and night in this set.

Wouldn’t you love to have a whole collection of Saturdays at the end of the year? It’s easy to take part!

  1. Take a photograph on a Saturday
  2. Send the photograph to @SatScenes with the location

Fri 21 September 2018

15 September 2018

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Mid-September Saturday scenes are spectacular. See for yourself!

Send in a Saturday scene next week and nag your friends to send one too. It’s fun to compare and share. I’d love to see @SatScenes from all around the world!

Fri 14 September 2018

8 September 2018

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This week we did the first Self-Portrait Saturday in ages and wow, what a wonderful turn-out we had! The combination of scenes and portraits and general sharing were just tremendous!

Not to mention that we’ve had our first SatScenes engagement this week (they both said yes!).

You can see the results right here:

Some of the people in this set have been submitting for years!

You can see the previous self-portrait Saturdays here:

See you next week!

Fri 7 September 2018

1 September 2018

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A lovely and very outdoorsy selection this week on Saturday scenes!

TOMORROW is Self-Portrait Saturday! You are free to send in a normal SatScenes but if you’d like to take a snap from the other side of the camera, we’d love to see it!

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